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Anelya Alim Makeup School is a one-of-a-kind makeup artistry power program. At Makeup School, you’ll train alongside renowned celebrity makeup artists, YouTube makeup tutorial stars, beauty business executives to master state-of-the-art techniques, develop a world-class makeup artistry portfolio, and cultivate your true potential as a makeup artist.

Anelya Alim is not a vocational school… we are a fertile breeding ground where you can explore and enhance your passion and skill as a makeup artist whether you are a working artist or simply natural-born makeup geek!

Anelya Alim Makeup School is not a school of beauty. We are a Beauty Movement!
Our fun, hands-on tutorials are non-traditional; we’ve thrown out the books and usual lesson plans. In fact, our most important tools are not our brushes, it is ourselves.

  • We believe that beauty starts within and radiates out.
  • We believe you can only learn the dance steps so long before you need to get out and dance!
  • We believe that a great artist makes a great makeup artist; therefore we begin your training with the basic principles of fine art.

We blend life coaching into all of our lesson plans so our students have a clear sense of self, direction and purpose. Our photo shoots are purposefully designed to simulate the challenges of real on set environments so you can experience a variety of real industry situations.
our goal
Our goal is to provide as true to life experience as possible. Anelya Alim Makeup School is a playground for creative minds, and inspired makeup artists.
Anelya Alimova is a globetrotting, celebrity beautifying, Paris-trained makeup artist. She counts A-list celebrities as her clientele as well as over 100 national and international beauty queen clients, and she is the artist behind the reigning Miss Lady Of the World. She’s in high demand behind the scenes every award season and Anelya and her team regularly work the New York Fashion Week and many shows in New York City ( Naeemkhannyc, Runway7fashion, The Society Fashion Week, Mariapashukbrand, I am next Model, Empire Beauty School).

Her work has graced high fashion catwalks, concerts, music videos and international publications. Anelya editorializes as a beauty expert for magazines and websites such as People, Fashion Magazine, Anastasia Magazine, Moevir.

Miss America - LADY OF THE WORLD- Anelya Alim team
Anelya Alim cosmetic
In 2022, Anelya was recognized as one of 100 Most Influential Women for her work towards empowering women to find their beauty, purpose and passion and the Successful women of the world wrote a book about her.

Her talents don’t start and end with the make-up brush. Anelya’s reach extends to women through her dynamic motivational speaking and Anelya Alim Makeup School events. Anelya’s fun, confidence building lessons on beauty are part motivational speech, part beauty tutorial, and all self-discovery. She inspires her students to celebrate the ritual of beauty and empowers them to go confidently in the direction of their dreams and to live the life they imagine.
Anelya Alimova is all about makeup, magic and mischief. She believes in performing senseless acts of beauty, random acts of kindness, and inspiring others to live their dreams. In 2017 she opened the doors of Anelya Alim Makeup School, the only makeup artistry “school” in the world owned and operated by a multi-media celebrity artist. Located in now New York and Kazakhstan, Anelya Alim Makeup School is her pride and joy, and today more than 3000 artists have experienced the magic of Anelya’s vision.
In 2021, she launched Anelya Alim Cosmetics, a lifestyle brand that is luxury makeup with a message.

Anelya is a dynamic mix of entrepreneur, educator, life coach, and motivator extraordinaire; a perfect blend of beauty, brains, and betterment.

Anelya Alim has many awards of various levels.
  • The 2018 -
    Central Asian Awards, our heroine was awarded the Best Salon BeautyPartner 2018 for Anelya Alim.
  • I was awarded
    I was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Kazakhstan for my services and contribution to the development of Kazakhstan’s economy, they gave me an order and a badge. I was so happy when I received this letter, I couldn’t believe it, Anelya Alimova says.
  • In 2019
    In 2019, as a businesswoman, I was awarded the National Trend of the Year nomination.
  • In 2020
    In 2020, she wrote her book Strong in Spirit: about business, personal brand, how to find spirituality, the beauty industry and her place in it.
  • In 2021
     In 2021 I was awarded the nomination «International Business Expert of the Year at the People Awards», Anelya Alimova says.
  • In 2021
    In 2021 I became the Business Lady of Kazakhstan and was also awarded the title of Brand of the Year. People Teens put up a magazine cover with me and several other magazines wrote about me.
  •  In 2021
    In 2021 she decided to take part in a beauty contest in Miami, the lady of the world, and out of 16 contestants, Anelya Alimova won 2nd place and 2 nominations.
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Virtual Business Start – Up Consultation:
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  • Full payment must be made to book your appointment (Zelle/Kaspi)
  • Only accepting booking no more than 48 hrs ahead
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